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MYKKI BLANCO (us) + CLARA! (be/es)

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Mykki Blanco (us)

EN - ‘Stay Close To Music’, the forthcoming new studio album from Mykki Blanco, is unlike anything they have released before. Adventurous and expansive, it shatters any previously held assumptions about Mykki’s artistry, leaving them free to define their sound for themselves. 

Throughout their evolution, poet, artist, musician Mykki Blanco has continuously blurred genres - pulling rave, trap, grunge and punk influences into a swirling pool of experimental hip hop that celebrated queer and trans experiences. Yet, Mykki admits that “at that point in my career, I didn't know what my own music sounded like without any kind of direct, outside reference. That's not a bad thing; that's how the majority of music is made.”

Ultimately Mykki concluded they wanted to create their own sonic universe from scratch. To facilitate this, they collaborated with producer and multi-instrumentalist FaltyDL, who allowed them to envision new soundscapes built from lush, live instrumentation. “It just transported me,” they admit. “It enabled me to dream in a way that I had never dreamed with my own songwriting. All of a sudden, I felt like I had this template where I could make that sound my own.”

Today Mykki shares the LP’s lead single, the Lou Reed-indebted ‘French Lessons’, which features Kelsey Lu (ANOHNI lends a feature on the album version). “The song is a reflection on the possibility of true love, on the notion that one truly can experience what we see in the Hollywood films,” Mykki reveals. “The song is also this ode in a way to Lou Reed. I'm not what I would consider a singer at all, I'm a talk-singer so I look to people in history who have that same style: Tom Petty, Jonathan Richmond of the Modern Lovers, Lou Reed -  these are all AMAZING ‘talk singers’ and I feel comfortable in that style vocally.  The song was originally composed by FaltyDL andit encapsulated so much sonically of what I was trying to articulate with my own music. FaltyDL has a way of touching on the spiritual subtleties of life. He is able somehow to create mystery out of banality, to create tranquility and fill a room with zen like vibrations, something unnameable and yet so familiar a feeling.”

FR - Mykki Blanco, compte parmi les pionnier.ère.s de la scène hip-hop queer. Actif.ve depuis le début de la décennie et personnage aux mille facettes, elle est aussi bien influencée par le mouvement des riot grrrls que par le queercore, le punk, Rihanna, Jean Cocteau et Marylin Manson. Son rap, violent et drôle, dérangeant et mélancolique, poétique et agressif, se nourrit d’influences électroniques et de militantisme. Engagée en faveur des droits LGBTQI+, Mykki Blanco dénonce l’homophobie et la transphobie encore trop présents actuellement. 

Aujourd'hui, Mykki partage le premier single du LP, la chanson 'French Lessons', inspirée de Lou Reed, avec Kelsey Lu. "La chanson est une réflexion sur la possibilité du grand amour, sur la notion que l'on peut vraiment vivre ce que l'on voit dans les films hollywoodiens", révèle Mykki. "La chanson est aussi une ode, d'une certaine manière, à Lou Reed. Je ne suis pas du tout ce que je considérerais comme un.e chanteur.rice, je suis un.e chanteur.rice parlant, alors je regarde les gens dans l'histoire qui ont ce même style : Tom Petty, Jonathan Richmond des Modern Lovers, Lou Reed - ce sont tous d'incroyables "talk singers" et je me sens à l'aise dans ce style vocal.  La chanson a été composée à l'origine par FaltyDL et elle résume tellement, sur le plan sonore, ce que j'essayais d'exprimer dans ma propre musique. FaltyDL a une façon de toucher les subtilités spirituelles de la vie. Il est capable, d'une manière ou d'une autre, de créer du mystère à partir de la banalité, de créer la tranquillité et de remplir une pièce de vibrations zen, quelque chose d'innommable et pourtant un sentiment si familier".


Following a passion for the empowering perreo that started in the 00s at her teenage parties in Galicia, Spanish MC and DJ Clara! blends revolt, sex and humor on reggaeton/rap mutant rhythms with a punk spirit and a feminist foundation.

For this infectious and twisted take on the gender she joins forces with eclectic producers including Pearson Sound, Low Jack and Maoupa Mazzocchetti.

Her DJ sets consist of wide ranging, tempo hopping mixes, lead by her hispanic roots, a blind curiosity, fun and deep love of dancing.

Her iconic "Reggaetoneras" mixtapes compiled 100% female reggaeton MCs with rhythms from the '90s up to the modern day.

Crammed with rude drums and hooks levered from major dance hits, and sandwiched skits and personal edits.

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