SHERE KHAN (outta Channel One crew) [UK]

Young soundman rising up the ranks, fully inspired by the older heads that paved the way before him. Shere Khan has been reaching sound system sessions at a frenetic pace for the last 6 years, aiming to absorb as much of this unique vibe and sound as possible.

Whether it be Iration Steppas, Channel One, Aba Shanti-I or King Earthquake, amongst others, Shere Khan would travel, land, sea and air to pursue this passion. These soundmen have the ability to create a rare vibe, one that was unmatched in so many other musical performances. To summarise what this vibe is, or why it captivates would take too long, it is something that simply has to be experienced.
Continually on this musical quest to learn and absorb, Shere Khan recently traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to go straight to source, uncover vinyl gems, travel up Orange Street, and visit various relics of reggae and sound system history.
Shere Khan now selects in arenas around the country offering his own brand of deep, dark, powerful and hard hitting rootical tunes from eras both old and new. Nothing watered down, no compromise, just pure, unfiltered music.
Shere Khan has now adopted a resident position on London's Life FM. The show features once every 2 weeks, Tuesday nights, 10-12pm, and features everything from rare rootical gems, to uncovered acetate dubplates soon to be released. All these shows can be listened back to on this Soundcloud page.
Under the watchful tutelage of Channel One Sound System, Shere Khan is always learning and observing, in turn enhancing his own skills as a musical entity.