Stellar Swamp 2017

Portes : 19:00
Show : 20:00


STELLAR SWAMP is back for a third edition !

Initiated by local band Moaning cities, the first Brussels based Psychedelic music festival returns with an extended and exciting formula. Whilst still investing the ever standing strong Atelier 210 and Magasin 4 for a weekend of intense musical adventure, the festival sets sails to Charleroi for an extra date along with a Blackout Session, a Cinema projection and an exhibition !


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Afterparty with Nixie

Ah! Kosmos

AH! KOSMOS (Turkey, Denovali Records)

Ah! Kosmos is Ba?ak Günak born in Istanbul. Her debut EP “Flesh” is released by Muzik Hayvan? label in May 2013 and her debut LP “BASTARDS” is released by Denovali Records in April 2015. She performed in Sonar Festival, Venice ElectroFestival, Rock’n Coke 2013, Budapest Punkurica Festival,Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival, CitySonic Festival in Mons, Piknik Elektronik in Brussels. Other than live performances, she has made composition & sound design for contemporary dance, theaters, short-films and site-specific performances in several art spaces includings including Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Prague Signal Festival, 18th and 19th Istanbul International Theater Festival (IKSV), ARENA Theater Festival Nürnberg, Venice ElectroFestival.




Underground Youth


The Underground Youth is the solo project of Craig Dyer, a strong believer in DIY ethos. His creative process dines heavily on experimentation and the influence of literature, cinema and poetry. The process is clearly fruitful boasting a discography of seven LP’s and 3 EP’s, each delving into different sonic terrains within the psych landscape through psychedelia, shoegaze, blues and post-punk, all of which have since sold out and been re-pressed. They have developed a worldwide loyal fan base that continues to grow.




Boda Boda

BODA BODA (Belgium)

BODA BODA is rock's last Belgian bastard. Four weird kiddos who play guitars through bass amps to make ’em sound like synths. And play synths through guitar amps to make ’em sound like bass. These mechanical monkeys will make you move your feet with groovy rhythms straight out of the jungle. Somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and Battles, the four autistic children will drive you crazy with their obsessive riffs and mesmerize you with catchy vocals.
"The best rock band with at least two BODAs in its name!" - Dave Grohl -





FENSTER (Germany, Morr Music)

Fenster's album EMOCEAN is the soundtrack to an adventure sci-fi film created by and starring the band. The music is a swirling cosmos of richly varied post-psychedelia, transcending the boundaries of reality and traditional pop-records to join the ranks of other genre bending Music Films like Daft Punk's "Interstella 5555" or Prince Rama's "Never Forever". With EMOCEAN, the band utilizes their classic approach to non-traditional percussion and instrumentation, but this time ventures deeper into new territory with funky bass lines (Off The Cahin) complimented by additional instruments like bass clarinet (Memories), flute (Phantasia) and modular synthesizers (Samson's Theme).

The film starts out as a documentary about the band struggling to finish their third record and they accidentally get transported into an alternate dimension in which they are deprived of feelings. In the surreal landscape of this foreign dimension, nothing is what it seems. EMOCEAN was conceived as a conceptual soundtrack before the film's actual production and evolved into the most ambitious project the band has ever done. With a year of planning, over a month of shooting on HD and mostly VHS, a cast of over a 100 actors and extras, numerous outdoor and indoor locations, the rental of an entire island for a day, drone cameras and a self-built green screen studio, the project is unlike anything you've ever seen and has brought the band to the edge of madness and what they thought was humanly possible.