Stellar Swamp 2017 @Magasin 4

Portes : 19:00
Show : 19:30


STELLAR SWAMP is back for a third edition !

Initiated by local band Moaning cities, the first Brussels based Psychedelic music festival returns with an extended and exciting formula. Whilst still investing the ever standing strong Atelier 210 and Magasin 4 for a weekend of intense musical adventure, the festival sets sails to Charleroi for an extra date along with a Blackout Session and a Cinema projection !


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Afterparty with DJ Coconut

Fred Alstadt + Jp De Gheest


GIÖBIA (Italy, Sulatron Records)

Giöbia has been one of the most influential psychedelic bands in Italy over the last years. Seduced by the lysergic side of the ‘60s, by exotic mantras and the evocative power of space-rock, Giöbia is a band from Milano, Italy with many facets and one only faith, that is to turn every encounter with sound into a psychedelic experience.
The band counts four members: leader Bazu (vocals and string instruments), Saffo (organ, violin, vocals), Detrji (bass) and Betta (drums) and their name - Giöbia - comes from an ancient pre-christian festivity celebrated in Northern Italy when a big straw puppet resembling a witch is burnt as a propitiatory ritual towards the forces of nature.




The Lucid Dream

THE LUCID DREAM (UK, Holy Are You Recordings)

The Lucid Dream have been perfecting their own distinct recipe since their first EP in 2010 involving ingredients like garage noir, shoegaze, German kosmische/space rock, pre and post-NYC no-wave noise, and the pop melodicism that links early Echo & the Bunnymen with The Stone Roses. The result is a pretty, badass, cohesive modern psychedelic sound that catches fire on stage.






Apart from a secret weapon for hardcore Scrabble players, Hypochristmutreefuzz is the craziest noise band in Gent and its surroundings. The quintet around singer Ramses Van den Eede is a full frontal attack on most of your senses thanks to clashing grooves, an electric drill, and a voice that’ll make your bones rattle uneasily. Really something for the weird kids in class. You know, the ones that love Pere Ubu, The Birthday Party, and The Residents.




Moaning Cities

MOANING CITIES (Belgium, EXAG Records)

The moaning quartet grabs your mind to wander off through your inner self and shake that body of yours while you're holding firm on your feet. Melting up swirling sitar sounds, tribal drums and bass with haunting vocals, the Brussels-born psychedelic rock'n roll piece keeps pushing doors with guitars and wait for the moan to echo back a bit louder.
Moaning Cities just released their second LP on the Brussels label EXAG Records and have been organizing and curating the Stellar Swamp festival for 3 years now.