Science & Cocktails #10 : Your 100 trillion inhabitants - How gut microbes influence your health

Portes : 19:30
Show : 20:30

7€ with a cocktail / Reservation needed !Tickets


You are living with 100 trillion bacteria in your gut, which vastly outnumbers your own human cells. Over the last 15 years, the research community has made incredible discoveries about these little fellows. How? By digging through your poop… But what have we learned from this?

Professor Patrice Cani will show us how your gut microbes are influencing your health. These bacteria talk with your brain, they influence your appetite and even your mood! We will see how they can govern the storage of fat in our body and eventually can contribute to the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardio-metabolic diseases. You are not the only one eating lunch. When you feast, your gut bacteria also feast!

After the talk we can let our gut microbes feast on the deliciousness of our homemade, smokey cocktails and we’ll party with our trillion friends to some live music!


Professor Cani is senior researcher from the FRS-FNRS and leads a team in the Metabolism and Nutrition lab at the Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI) from the UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium. He is WELBIO (Walloon Excellence in Life Sciences and BIOtechnology) investigator and associate member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium. He is recipient of prestigious grants and prizes such as two ERC Grants, the “Baillet Latour Grant for Medical Research” and the International Prize of Physiology Lucien Dautrebande..

After the talk we can let our gut microbes feast on the deliciousness of our homemade, smokey cocktails while we listen with our trillion friends to the cinematic soundscapes of David Poltrock. This multifaceted keyboardist earns his bread by doing studio work and live performances with awesome bands like Triggerfinger and Hooverphonic, but his true essence as musical chameleon comes to light in his solo work. Passing through atmospheric soundscapes and IDM-like beats he’ll lift our spirits with his enchanting melodic piano improvisations.


David Poltrock is a musical chameleon. As a multifaceted keyboardist, arranger and composer, he has worked with many different bands, including Triggerfinger, The Black Box Revelation and Hooverphonic. For us he will perform from his solo work, which ranges from intimate piano improvisations to cinematographic soundscapes and back again through IDM-like analogue beats. His compositions are equally close to Bach and Satie as to Jon Hopkins and Aphex Twin, which means that anything can happen in between. But at least he would never sing Nickelback to us, or so he claims on his Website

Entrance fee is 7 euros and includes a free cocktail (or any other drink from the bar). The event is held in English. Doors open at 19:30.