Buriers (uk) + Guilt (be)

Portes : 19:30
Début : 20:30

Presales: 10€ / At the door: 13€


EN – Indie pop melodies, spoken word orchestrated and folk instrumentation, the world of London Buriers delighted by its confrontation of genres and its lack of compromise. James P. Honey on vocals and Jamie Romain on cello (and other precious instruments) summon Leonard Cohen as well as Saul Williams and Jack Kerouac. Between sadness and beauty, close to urban poetry, the sepulchral singing, with the flow worthy of a pure rapper, sometimes accelerates and strips the melody, this case of delicate folk, of its last notes. We let ourselves be taken aboard, without any restraint, in this black and white smoky, disturbing and moving.

FR – Mélodies indie pop, spoken word orchestré et instrumentation folk, l’univers des londoniens de Buriers ravit par sa confrontation des genres et son absence de compromis. James P. Honey au chant et Jamie Romain au violoncelle (et autres précieux instruments) convoquent ici aussi bien Leonard Cohen que Saul Williams ou Jack Kerouac. Entre tristesse et beauté, proche de la poésie urbaine, le chant sépulcral, au flow digne d’un pur rappeur, parfois s’accélère et dépouille la mélodie, cet écrin de folk délicat, de ses dernières notes. On se laisse embarquer sans retenue, aucune, dans ce noir et blanc charbonneux, inquiétant et émouvant.

Guilt (be)

Guilt is a solo project that intends to bloom into a full band in the near future. Crossing folk sounds with post-rock and other electronic influences from his other project northwards, Guilt also marks the end of a 6 year long musical drought that’s been filled with constant questioning, paralyzing perfectionism but a fierce desire to come out of that closet anyway. In one simple word, it aims to embody both a modern and very personal feeling. One that comes with the general sense of despair generated by our modern era and also that of a white European male coming to grips with the questioning of his inherited privileges. Guilt is a febrile attempt at pursuing some kind of truth whilst playing hide & seek with its own shadow. So yes a full-of-itself way of saying this is music made with a certain urgency.