Science & Cocktails #5: Big Brother is driving you

Portes : 19:30
Début : 20:30


Note: this event is soldout. A waiting list will be held when the doors open tonight to reatribute unclaimed seats, the first people on the waiting list will be granted prior access. All people on the waiting list will be welcome to enjoy cocktails at the bar in the mean time.

What can computers do to safeguard our public goods? How will they do it? Who will be in charge of writing the codes? Is this the beginning of a new democracy 3.0? Do we really want it? What will be the role of artificial intelligence in all of this?

Only information technology is capable of providing the solutions that are necessary to face the complexification of our world and the multiplication of ecological, economic and societal threats.

The virtualization of all information, the multiplication of connection modes, the transformation of any object into a computer make possible the fully automated management of our public goods. The day after tomorrow, public transport impossible to fraud will optimize the traffic for a minimum ecological cost, intelligent sensors will ensure a sober energy consumption, financial contracts and others will not suffer from any possible defect and predictive algorithms will prevent all criminal activity.

Faced with the urgency, we will accept to entrust our existence into the hands of a “benevolent” big brother. The forbidden will really become so and deprivation will replace the punishment. But do we really want it?

Hugues Bersini will discuss new developments in artificial intelligence and their impact on society. Afterwards, chilled cocktails that will make us relax and objectively think about this unavoidable future while Going will take the stage. Going, a double duo of two keyboards (Giovanni Di Domenico and Pak Yan Lau) and two percussionists (Joao Lobo and Matthieu Calleja). The music of Going impresses for its ability to reach unheard powers without ever falling into violence or explosion. Electronic hacks, crushed, mistreated keyboards, rhythms pushed to their limits, opiate loops saturate the space and converge towards the same goal: the great urban trip, to be heard lying horizontally, while passing out.

About the speaker: Hugues Bersini

Professor of computer science at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Co-Director of the IRIDIA laboratory. Teaches Artificial Intelligence, Object-Oriented technologies (UML, Design Patterns, Java, .Net, …) and Web Programming (Django/Python) both for academics and for entreprises. He is a member of the Belgium Royal Academy of Science.


About the band: Going (be)

Going is composed of Pak Yan Lau (hohner pianet, synths, electronics), Giovanni Di Domenico (fender rhodes, electronics), Joao Lobo (drums) and Mathieu Calleja (drums). “The clever combination of two keyboards/effects and two drummers really gives the music plenty of space, and the lack of a bass to drive the group is actually what gives it the group its pure sound. There are plenty of details to hear within the recording due to this combination and the different paths taken by each instrumentalist. There are no real soloists, just co-operative group made music.”

The event is held in English. Entrance to the event is free but registration is mandatory.